I very much enjoy sharing what I have learned along my journey as a photographer with others. I am delighted to be able to offer several workshops where I can pass on the knowledge I have accumulated with fellow photographers.  From the basics of bird photography to being out in the field, to post-processing. I cover a variety of techniques, tips, and tricks with those that attend my workshops. Won’t you join me?

Bird Photography Basics

In this lecture, I share my tips, tricks, and methods to photographing birds, covering everything from what makes a good composition, to field gear and much more. You will learn valuable insight that will help you in your photography endeavors. No workshops currently scheduled.

Bird Photography Bootcamp

A comprehensive workshop equipping you to get better, more stunning images of a variety of bird species. 3 sessions take you into the field for a hands-on photography and into the classroom for editing workflow. walkthrough to help you take your images from good to GREAT! No workshops currently scheduled.

Lightroom & Photoshop
for the Wildlife Photographer

In this workshop, we will go through a variety of techniques in Lightroom, Photoshop and some various plugins that can enhance your photography dramatically. Learn how to shape light, reduce noise, change the mood, remove objects and more. No workshops currently scheduled.

Songbird Workshop

For this workshop, we will focus on getting nice close images of many species of Warblers and Sparrows. We will use techniques and tricks for captivating and engaging photos of these beautiful birds. This workshop is help from May 20 to June 20. No workshops currently scheduled.


A comprehensive three-part workshop equipping you to get closer, sharper, and more stunning bird images. All the tips and techniques I have learned and use in the field I share with you in this workshop.


I love taking fellow photographers out to photograph the great Alaska outdoors. There are so many photography opportunities and I have spent the last few years learning where and when to find a variety of species. If you are planning to visit Alaska and will be in the Anchorage area for a few days, I would be delighted to be hired out to help you get that perfect shot. See my specialty safaris below or send me a message if you have other species on your photography wish list. 

Bird Photography Bootcamp is very enjoyable and I would recommend it to others regardless of skill level.

Eric Fontaine

You’ve inspired me to learn about birds and photography! I am definitely interested in additional workshops with you.

Collen Kersgard

I had a wonderful time at the workshop and I found your instruction to be very helpful.


I thought the workshop (Bird Photography Bootcamp) was well organized and executed.  The evening session set up the morning shoot very well.  I also enjoyed your editing session in the afternoon.

Dick Evans