This week I am going to start doing something a little different with my this weekly series. Until now, I have simply provided a link on my social media platforms to the featured artists galleries and said a few words about them. But I want to go beyond that and not only highlight the photographer but also share a couple of my favorite of her photos and why I like them.

A young and baby mountain goat getting to know each other~Mt Evans, CO – Photo © Teresa Hedden

Theresa Hedden is a photographer I started following awhile back and was immediately impressed with her work. Her photos are vibrant, detailed, and each animal photographed has a unique character and story. I really love her style and her overal body of work is certainly impressive. It was really rather difficult to pick out only a few photos to feature since every single image is eye candy. But Here’s a few that really grabbed me.

The first one, an intimate photo of a mother and baby Mountain Goad just draws me in. I love the colors of the blue sky in the background with some pinkish rocks behind as well. The eyes are sharp and in focus and the gentle touch of noses is perfect. This is just a beautifully composed image and I really love it.

Early morning sandwich tern bath time! The storm cloud reflection created a natural vignette. – Photo © Teresa Hedden

The next image that I want to share is a Sandwich Tern that she caught while taking a bath. I love the odd position she caught and the splasing water. The colors in the background are dreamy and the low point-of-view really isolates the bird perfectly. What I love most is the wing primary feathers at the top of the image. Beautiful work.

The final image is a pair of Cattle Egrets. These egrets are a mated pair and you can see the male is the bottom one. His bill is blue, purple, red and orange which occurs during hte breeding season. This is a gorgeous shot and I could just admire it for hours.

Teresa’s work speaks for itself and you should go check out her galleries for yourself. I know you’ll be fully inspired. You can follow her on Facebook here, as well as her Flickr gallery located here.  If you enjoyed her work as much as I did, please leave a comment and share your favorite images!


Cattle Egret couple defending their nest from a Tri-color heron~Gatorland – Photo © Teresa Hedden