I love taking fellow photographers out to photograph the great Alaska outdoors. There are so many photography opportunities and I have spent the last few years learning where and when to find a variety of species. If you are planning to visit Alaska and will be in the Anchorage area for a few days, I would be delighted to be hired out to help you get that perfect shot. See my specialty safaris below or send me a message if you have other species on your photography wish list.

Hatcher’s Pass Day Safari

Hike with me up Hatcher’s Pass as we photograph a variety of Sparrows, Arctic Ground Squirrels, Hoary Marmot, Collared Pika, Rock, White-tailed, and Willow Ptarmigan, Wandering Tattlers and more. This safari is available from June 1 to July 30.

Bull Moose Safari

Join me as we set out to photograph world-class Alaskan Bull Moose. These large moose look great against the backdrop of autumn in the Chugach Mountains. This safari requires a good deal of hiking in higher elevations. This safari is available from Aug 30-Oct 30.

Pacific Loon Safari

I take you out to get up-close and personal photos of a pair of Pacific Loons on a local lake in Anchorage. Get stunning water-level photos of these beautiful divers for your portfolio. This safari is available from June 1 to July 30.

Eagle River Nature Center Day Safari

Join me at the Eagle River Nature Center to explore the area and get photos of a variety of birds and possibly moose. Species include several species of Thrush, Warblers, Sparrows, as well as Wilson’s Snipe, Lesser Yellowlegs, and more! This safari requires a good deal of walking on well-maintained trails. This safari is available from June 1 to July 30.

Personalized Safaris

Do you have a target species you have been wanting to photograph in Alaska? Are you coming to Alaska from out-of-state and have something specific in mind? I may be able to help. I have plenty of experience and knowledge that can help you bag your dream shot. Contact me and let’s talk about your wish list.


A comprehensive three-part workshop equipping you to get closer, sharper, and more stunning bird images. All the tips and techniques I have learned and use in the field I share with you in this workshop.


I am available for one-to-one coaching both in the field and also from the comfort of your own home for editing sessions via Skype where we will share our screens as I walk you through editing your images to bring out their full potential.For personal coaching, we can schedule a private outing where I can help you get better images of specific species or even use your camera more effectively. 

Jamin provided me with the experience of a lifetime on a recent trip to Alaska. He worked with me in advance, choosing the perfect location with the knowledge of what I was I looking for in my photography. We spent a beautiful morning on a lake with a pair of Pacific Loons that only a local would know about. He had a perfect understanding of what would make an ideal photography location, and I can honestly say that I would never have found something like this without his expertise. Highly recommended!

Joe First

Whether you want to see all the amazing bird species Alaska has to offer, or if you’re determined to get the perfect photo, Jamin is your man. He is extremely knowledgeable about the birds in the area, and he knows all the best spots to view and photograph them. Not only did he prepare for my visit by scouting out all the best locations several days before my arrival, but Jamin brought gear to our appointment for me that I hadn’t thought of/brought with me (boots, tarps, bug spray, etc.). I was thrilled with his foresight and thoughtfulness. Jamin was prompt and highly accommodating to all my wishes. I saw the most amazing birds and got by far my best trip photos during my tour with him. My only regret is that I didn’t contact him sooner!

Lydia Ripplinger

I have photographed all over the United States as well as Internationally. On my last trip to Lake Clark in Alaska to photograph Brown bears I had a few days to spend in Anchorage. I reached out to Jamin Taylor who I had known through social media for a number of years. Jamin is an excellent photographer himself and I was hoping he could show me around. He has an amazing knowledge of birds and wildlife in the area and we had no problem finding target species. He knew exactly what angles and what time of the day would be better for each species. I was able to photograph all target species way above my expectations and this would be not possible without Jamin’s guidance. Did I mention he is a great guy and know I have a friend in Anchorage as well?

Khurram Khan